Who does not wish to have strong, shiny, beautiful, and manageable hair? Each one of us likes to flaunt flawless, long hair that enhances our personality at all times. Isn’t it true? But many of us deal with one hair issue or the other, because of which our hair doesn’t look and feel healthy. Weak hair can result in easy hair fall, breakage, dryness, split ends, and other hair concerns. Do not get surprised, but weak hair is often an indicator of a medical problem.

However, identifying the signs of weak hair and the underlying cause can help you prevent hair issues to an extent. It seems easy to flaunt long, radiant hair, but nothing can be achieved without putting time and effort into self-hair care.

The article has a list of ways to strengthen your hair. Here we go!

What are the causes of weak hair?

Straightening tools, blow dryers, heated styling tools, and hot curlers are hazardous to your hair health, especially if you have dry hair prone to breakage. Too much heat makes your hair weak, resulting in damaged roots or strands.

An improper diet affects your hair health. Factors like diet control and office stress can affect healthy hair. Lack of vitamin A, E, D, zinc, iron, folic acid, and protein results in weak hair. During underlying health issues like typhoid and pneumonia, the hair goes through a phase of stagnation, resulting in hair loss and weak hair.

The use of chemicals through colouring, straightening, and bleaching damages hair fibre, making hair weak. Hormonal problems like overactive and underactive thyroid weaken the hair. Women might experience male-pattern baldness because of conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome.

What are the ways to strengthen hair?

1.Increase intake of essential vitamins

Most of us are always busy with daily schedules, so we cannot focus on our diet. A balanced diet with consistent exercise results in rapid hair growth. Vitamin deficiencies lead to weak hair roots. So, intake of a vitamin-rich diet is critical.

Your diet should have foods rich in essential vitamins, iron, and zinc like egg, fish, spinach, carrots, and milk. There are the best hair vitamins available in the market that you can take as supplements for strengthening hair.

Hair vitamin gummies, pills, and powders also contain vitamins and minerals for weak hair.

2.Hair masks

Nourishing and hydrating your hair is vital. You can hydrate your hair follicles by applying a hair mask. An egg mask is quite effective as eggs are rich sources of vitamins and proteins. The peptides found in egg yolk promote hair growth.

3.Use the right brush

Ensure to use the right hairbrush that has a wide tooth. Avoid using a rat tail comb to prevent frizzy hair. Brushing your hair before sleeping enhances blood circulation and hair growth.

4.Keratin treatment

Keratin protein is vital for strong hair. Keratin treatments on hair remove frizz, smoothen hair, and give a shiny look. Keratin treatment involves applying keratin products and letting them sink into hair strands. Some beauty gummies for hair, skin and nails contain biotin, keratin, and vitamins C&E.

5.Scalp massage

Scalp massage is a great way to strengthen hair as it increases blood circulation to the hair. Applying gentle pressure with your fingertips for 5-10 minutes is the right way to massage the scalp. You can use warm coconut oil all over your hair. Coconut oil damages hair cuticles and makes hair stronger.

6.Limit chemical use

Regular use of chemicals on hair damages the hair permanently, making it frizzy and dry. Use a protein treatment that is deep-conditioning at least once a week. Take treatments that have longer leave-in time and effective ingredients for strengthening hair.

7.Switch your style

Combing your hair in the same style every day can result in split ends and tangles. So, switch styles frequently and give a new look to your hair. Try a strengthening shampoo and conditioner to protect weak hair.


There are several solutions to strengthen your hair, like masks, vitamins, and massages. But you also need to keep your hair away from chemicals and heat to avoid them getting weak. You need to manage your hair with love and care. Follow the above tips to reinforce your hair and achieve good hair quality.

October 17, 2021