"The earth is what we all have in common."

- Wendell Berry

Proudly protecting the oceans

We have partnered with CleanHub to collect 3,000 kg of non-recyclable plastic waste every year.

Therefore, by supporting Rite, you are supporting the safe recovery and co-processing of plastic, so that it never makes it into the ocean - one of our most important ecosystems. 

What is CleanHub

CleanHub is a Berlin-based company using technology to keep plastic out of the sea by implementing waste recovery where there is none.

Their solution enables proactive brands to fund and advance plastic recovery in coastal communities across Asia and Africa with the greatest risk of plastic entering the ocean. Collection efforts are fully transparent and openly impactful.

Its TÜV SÜD ISO-verified AI technology is used to track and trace collection. Unlike alternative approaches that are focused on recovering plastic once it is already in nature, CleanHub is stopping it from getting there in the first place.

Social justice alongside environmental protection

The Impact Warriors represent CleanHub's on-the-ground operations in coastal communities in the global South.

Their roles are multi-faceted, and so is there impact. This social impact dream team work tirelessly to:

  • Combat plastic pollution in their respective areas.
  • Improve the working conditions of the waste workers.
  • Support improved dignity and living standards for people working along the waste streams.
  • Help facilitate the collection and safe processing of plastic waste in each collection hub.