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Discover the story of experts who support our journey and help us develop our products. You can contact them directly if you need any advice on topics such as: beauty, nutrition, sport, wellbeing.

Tina Chagoury

Clinical Dietitian - Dubai


Tina Chagoury is a licensed clinical dietician, health behavior educator and a regular media expert guest practicing in Dubai for more than 17 years, she also runs online courses mainly in women’s hormones and nutrition, children nutrition and general weight management. Tina is an adjunct instructor of Human Nutrition and Food science at the Abu Dhabi University and currently consults at the Jumeirah al Qasr’s DNA Clinic as well as NMC’s Cooper health Clinic and works closely with renowned paediatricians and functional doctors.

Aside from being a health advocate and practitioner, Tina is a breast cancer survivor with life lessons from her experience she says: "put your health as a priority and don’t settle for being and feeling just ok: always strive for optimal health, strive to be and feel your best, eat clean food, respect your body and practice mindfulness to surmount whatever challenges life throws on you".

Favourite Gummies

Definitely, the BALANCE ones for their gut health and digestive support properties. I love the apple taste!

Her advice

Add goodness to anything you do. Sprinkle seeds on your salads, add music to your dinners, put candles in your house: sometimes the tiniest things bring the most happiness and contentment.


IG: @tinachagoury

Farah Chabib

Clinical dietitian and Bariatric Counselor – Dubai


Farah Chabib is a clinical dietitian and Bariatric Counselor. She brings along a wealth of experience spanning over 11 years in the field of Nutrition and specially in Obesity Management.

She acquired a particular interest in treating Bariatric surgery patients through effective weight loss management.

Favourite Gummies

Balance because it works so well to beat my bloating, support my digestion and then works effectively on weight management.

Her Advice

A healthy outside starts from inside.