• We’re vegan, halal, gelatin free and absolutely natural

  • At Rite, we care about everyone’s needs, beliefs and health. rite gummies were designed, tested and approved by health authorities in France and UAE. It's completely vegan, extremely low on sugar and gelatin free. Gelatin can trigger digestive problems such as belching, indigestion, heartburn and worsen IBS. rite is natural and vegan so you can be assured your health is in safe hands.

  • We don’t use nasty artificial colours and flavours 

  • Artificial colours and flavours can pose a serious health risk and damage the liver - which is the major filter of our body in the long run. If the liver is damaged, toxins, fat can build up and body health collapses completely. Rite. is free of harmful preservatives, colours and focuses on plants, vitamins and amino acids that boost energy and weight loss. It's not about how it looks, rite. is about making the difference from the inside.

  • Fiber rich and completely plant based

  • rite. uses pectin a natural form of fiber found in fruits instead of gelatin. Fiber builds up bulk in the food waste in the body and helps combat constipation. If you’re suffering from IBS, getting enough fiber can help greatly. Fiber absorbs toxins from the body helping your gut feel clean and healthy. 

  • Backed up by science. No fake promises

  • We will never promote our products as magic pills that reduce weight overnight and cures everything, because natural weight loss and a healthy balanced lifestyle requires patience. That’s why none of our products contain harmful preservatives like those in herbal extracts, weight loss powders and concentrated form of antioxidants because they harm the liver. 

    Endorsed by dietitians and health professionals, you can be assured rite. focuses on safe, healthy balance, helping you get active, promoting longer hair, stronger nails, glowing skin and curb food cravings. Backed up by scientifically proven plants and vitamins that help boost energy, promote longer hair and aid weight loss.  

    June 29, 2021
    Tags: VEGAN