With hectic lifestyles, late nights and fast food, feeling tired and low on energy is something we can all relate to. You're not the only one. 1 in 2 people in the Middle East have a vitamin deficiency which can be a cause of tiredness. At rite, we care about you. We want to give your body the nourishment and love it needs. Don't freak out because we've got you covered! Here are some causes of low energy and what you can do to boost it.

1. Stress

Stress messes up sleep, nutrient absorption and slows down digestion which can lead to constipation and gut problems. When nutrients are not properly absorbed, you may have vitamin and nutrient deficiencies which makes you tired. Hormonal imbalances due to stress can mess up your menstrual cycles, sugar levels, leading to unwanted weight gain and low energy.

The fix? Chill out! Meditate, do yoga and deep breathing exercises to get oxygen circulating properly or go for a walk to improve blood circulation. Talk to someone you love and trust.

What if I have a vitamin deficiency due to stress?

rite is nuts over clean eating. That's why our gummies are vegan, Halal, 100% clean and naturally fruit based. Pop in 2 energy gummies packed with multivitamins and feel the natural stress relieving and anti-depressant effects of ginseng kick in while getting your daily dose of vitamins that boosts energy production to keep you on top of your game throughout the day!

2. Eating too much refined or processed food

Carbs are not bad but the type of carbs matter. Simple carbs like refined sugar, white flour and white rice have their nutrients like fibers removed which makes them easily and quickly broken down in the body and releases sugar very quickly. When sugar is released quickly, sugar levels increase in the blood which can lead to diabetes, weight gain and belly fat. When this sugar level suddenly drops, you feel low and tired again. This is called a sugar spike. High amounts of sugars slow down digestion leading to constipation.

3. Anemia

Anemia means you don’t have enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen around the body. Cells NEED oxygen to work properly. When parts of the body don’t get enough oxygen, cells start performing slowly which makes you tired, weak and low on energy. This affects a lot of women especially due to loss of blood during menstrual cycles. Men can have anemia too.  

4. Lack of exercise - Walk, run, jump but no energy drinks!

When you feel tired, all you want to do is probably sleep all day. You might think sleep and rest will help to cope with tiredness and low energy but it actually does the opposite. You get so used to feeling tired that doing the smallest of tasks becomes hard. 

Exercise helps balance hormones cortisol and serotonin. High cortisol and low serotonin, makes you crave sugary  and fatty food to feel-good. But this ‘good feeling’ only lasts a short time. 

No activity and sugary food is a recipe for weight gain and body fat. Energy drinks are just filled with caffeine and refined sugar which make you lose sleep, cause sugar spikes which causes weight gain and make tiredness even worse.

Does your energy gummies work?

rite is backed up by science, safe and clean eating. Our vegan natural energy gummies contain proteins and fiber that help you feel full for longer to beat cravings. Protein helps build cells, muscle mass and break down food to release energy. When you have better muscles, you can stay active, exercise more and feel awesome. 

Your immunity is just as important, that's why we’ve enriched our artificial and preservative free gummies with vitamin C that helps produce carnitine for muscle effort and energy while boosting immunity.

We care about your body and safety. Our gummies are natural, packed with nutrients and absolutely liver and kidney friendly. Hundreds of people are feeling the difference, so are you ready to beat fatigue too?

June 13, 2021