Have you ever wondered what protects your body from infections and diseases? It is the body’s immune system. It is a huge network of proteins (antibodies), white blood cells, organs, and chemicals. The immune system together defends against bacteria, viruses, and foreign bodies and recognizes every microbe entering the body and destroying it.
Having a strong immune system can fight back against the germs you may encounter. But your immune system can also get weak due to several reasons. Factors like poor nutrition, obesity, aging, medical conditions like cancer, diabetes, medication like steroids, and habits like smoking and drinking can lead to a weaker immunity.
Having a weak immune system exposes you to the risk of various infections and illnesses. The abnormalities can result in autoimmune disorders and immunodeficiencies. Do you suspect you have a weak immune system?

So, here are the six signs of a weak immune system.

1. Frequent cold
An average adult has around two to three episodes of cold or infection in a year that recovers in 7-10 days. But frequent infection or cold that takes longer to recover is a clear sign of weak immunity.

2. Digestion problems
The beneficial microorganisms and bacteria living in the digestive tract support the immune system by defending your gut. However, a weak immune system has fewer beneficial bacteria in the gut.
The bacteria expose you to chronic inflammation, viruses, and sometimes autoimmune disorders in severe cases. Frequent gas or constipation, bloating, and diarrhea are symptoms of a weak immune system.

3. Deferred wound healing
You might know that your skin automatically starts healing on minor burns, scrapes, or cuts. It protects the injury by sending nutrient-rich blood to the wound, regenerating new skin.
The healing procedure depends on healthy immunity. However, a weak immune system will take time to heal the wounds. It can increase the risk of infection, inflammation, and surgery.

4. Fatigue
Feeling tired after a long working day is normal for everyone. But what if you feel exhausted with muscles or joints ache even after having a sound sleep? It shows that you have weak immunity, and your body is conserving energy to fuel the immune system for fighting germs.

5. Skin infection
Your skin is similar to a barrier that initially protects your body from infections and diseases. However, a weak immune system can harm the barrier resulting in frequent skin rashes, skin infection, inflammation, and dry skin.

6. Autoimmune diseases
An autoimmune disorder is a condition in which your immune system starts attacking your body instead of defending it. A weak immunity can result in abnormal low or over activity of the immune cells. An overactive system increases autoimmune disorder risk in which you have dry eyes with redness, pain, blurred vision, or a stringy discharge in the eyes.

Can Multivitamins Be Taken with Orange Juice?

Though it is better to avoid taking medications with orange juice, it is safe to take multivitamins with a cup of orange juice. Orange juice contains many vitamins, so consuming it and multivitamins makes an ideal combination.
Freshly-squeezed orange juice supplies vitamin C along with vitamins B-1, B.9, and beta-carotene. Orange juice contains almost no fatty acids, so taking multivitamins on an empty stomach can be wrong. However, taking the combination after having breakfast can prove to be the best multivitamins for energy.
The acidity in orange juice dissolves the multivitamin coating and binders that hold the vitamin together. If your vitamin has minerals like iron and calcium, then the high acidity content in orange juice is helpful in absorption.

Do gummy supplements work? 

People prefer taking vitamins to boost energy to enhance immunity, health and make up for a low nutrient diet. It is never a bad choice to take additional nutrients to enhance immune strength. One of the vitamins supplements is chewable gummies with a pleasant taste having a texture similar to gummy candies in multiple shapes, colors, and flavors.
The best energy gummies vitamins provide beneficial nutrients and are especially helpful for older adults, having trouble absorbing some nutrients, and those with increased nutrient needs. The gummies are made up of extracts of essential minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that benefit the overall health.
The immunity booster vitamins assist in enhancing weak immunity and regular energy levels by strengthening bones and brain.
However, The energy vitamins gummies are tasty, so it is easy to overeat them. They contain a high quantity of added sugars that can increase the risk of dental cavities, obesity, and heart diseases. Overconsumption can put you at risk of too much nutrient intake. So, consume the gummies only with the guidance of a medical professional.

Do probiotics make your immune system better?

Probiotics promote natural antibodies production in the body that boost the immune cells like T lymphocytes, Ig-A producing cells, and natural killer cells. Probiotics inhibit harmful gut bacteria from growing. They take around 2-3 weeks in normal adults to exhibit their benefits in the body.
Probiotics need time to reduce harmful bacteria, enhance good bacteria count, and reduce inflammation.
However, you should start taking probiotics only after consulting a medical practitioner. Taking the correct dose for a specific period is vital as long-term use can cause health issues.
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That is all! Watch out for the signs that reveal whether you have a weakened immune system or not. But do not worry! If you notice the warning symptoms, there is always a way out. You can take the necessary measures to strengthen your immune health.

December 20, 2021