If you're a resident of the UAE or any part of the Middle east, you probably know the struggle of managing your skin, hair and nails during soaring temperatures and extreme heat. From sweating that can cause fungal infections and skin conditions to just feeling really tired and worn out, peak temperatures can have a toll on your skin, hair and nails. But what if you could combat these conditions with a proper diet and nutrients? Yep! That's right. Here are 3 ways to take care of skin, hair and nails for that summer vacay glow!

Sweating it out? Watch what you eat & drink

What you eat is absolutely as important as what you put on your hair and skin. Buying tones of creams and conditioners isn’t going to help if the problem lies on the inside. Summers means sweat which also means dehydration. Your skin is the largest organ and if you’re losing too much water, it can show its effects as tiredness, fatigue and dull skin.

We all know water is good but want to get the best of both worlds? Incorporate water rich fruits like berries which are not only great for hydration but contain antioxidants for glowing skin and hair and protect against cell damage. Watermelon, citrus fruits are another great option for getting water and vitamin C which is a great antioxidant into your system. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene for boosting collagen production for healthy and glowing skin and hair.

And even better? Rite has made it super easy for you to get your daily dose of antioxidants and vitamins *wherever you are*. The glow gummies are absolutely natural, vegan, yummy, berry for that boost of antioxidants and filled with vitamins to boost collagen production for healthy skin and hair. 

Washing your hair too often? Air conditioners?! 

No one likes that sweaty feeling during summer which is why we obviously wash our hair and skin very often. And we obviously cannot live without air conditioners. However these can strip the skin and scalp of moisture and make it very dry and brittle. Make sure to stay hydrated and if you do have to wash your hair everyday look for a mild shampoo that’s moisturising and sulphate free and condition only the tip of your hair. Let your hair and skin breathe! Wearing cotton clothes helps reduce friction and absorbs sweat to prevent skin problems. Look for a moisturiser that is fragrance free and step out with a proper SPF and skip heat styling tools. 

Healthy diet means healthy hair and skin

You are what you eat! rite. believes in healthy eating which is why our entire range of supplements are absolutely natural and plant-based. Incorporate the rainbow in your diet. Coloured fruits and veggies are rich in antioxidants which help protect cell damage and boost collagen production giving you that glow! Your hair and nails are made of complex proteins so include a diet rich in green leafy vegetables, fish and nuts. Fishes and nuts are great sources of omega 3 fatty acids that boost healing (talk about damaged hair in summer), reduce hair loss, acne and can even protect against sun damage to an extent! 

Glow gummies by rite. is endorsed by clinical dietitians, formulated with research, approved by health authorities and made with the finest GMO free botanicals, vitamins & amino acids to help you get nutrients you need. Packed with vitamins to boost collagen production, proteins to promote healing and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives! How awesome is that? Thousands have joined the rite. club to get glowing the rite way. Have you?

June 13, 2021